Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advantages and disadventages of living with someone of the opposite sex

Living with somebody of the opposite sex can be an advantage because you never feel alone and are with someone you don t feel you have to be competitive with. You can ask for advices,as far as love is concerned. Living with somebody else also allow you to split the chores. In fact, usually men are better in fixing things.

However, you always have somebody nagging on you telling you what's better to do or that you should tidy up the house...Living with somebody ( a girl or a boy) can also engender fights. In fact, if you live with someone, you have to be able to share everything. Problems of money can sometimes appear too.

In a more particularly way, living with your boyfriend or girlfriend can also be an advantage and an inconvenient. You live with a person you love, you are together to face the life and all the little problems you have to deal with, you can always speak to someone else and ask advices you can share chores, you can be supportive with your partner, you can exchange confidences. But, problems of money can't be denied, you sometimes have to face the bad mood of the other person, ...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What would you do if you won 10 000 000 dollars?

First of all, if winning 10 000 000 dollars I would be happy because with the money you feel more confident but I have to insist on the fact that it doesn't necessary brings happiness everywhere... For sure, you can buy a beautifull house, a speedy car, lot of things you have always dream of but the way people will like you won't change because of your money... In any case, if winning money I would of course try to enjoy it; I would make the most of my time. In fact, I would travel all over the world: to visit, to have fun, to learn lauguages, to have friends all over the world but also to work as volunteer for orphans, sick children, poor people,...
On the other hand, I think that I would try to spare some of the winning money in order to make a pension... Finally, I would create my own company in order to get famous and to continue winning money. In fact, even if I didn't need any money I would continue working because without this I would feel stupid. I would feel like if I had no "goal" in my life... I could do more and more things like bying very expensive clothes that I really like but I should try not to spend everything.

ps: If I won such an amount of money I would never tell anybody about it... Just my parents...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An ideal school...

I come from a catholic school in Belgium. It is know in Belgium that most of these schools are stricter than the public ones. I therefore had to wear a uniform everyday for 6 years (years of high school).

In my opinion, if I had to create my own school, I would opt for it. In fact, you cannot see big differences between poors and rich people. Besides, you don't have to wake up early or to go sleeping late to choose what you are going to wear the following day. It is simple, you just have to choose between one blue pant or an other blue pant,...

One other important thing to consider in my ideal school would be to have mixed class (boys and girls). Indeed, it is very important to share opinions and to see the differences between both of them. Actually, in my school (as you can see on the picture) I spent my two last years in a class only with girls. We had a great time but sometimes needed to have the opinions of boys because for me, girls and boys think in a different way...

Finally, a good school would be were studying languages is mandatory. If I take a belgian school; flamish, french and english should be manditory with other possibilities to learn german, spanish, italian,...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We all have to face problems and therefore need to be brave...

Two years ago, one of my best friend had to face a big problem . In fact, at that time, she was 18 and had always had a really good relation with her mother. They used to share their experiences and were very closet, telling each other about their lives ( including problems). But, last year, she started to be a little bit more distant. My friend told me that she was sure something was wrong with her; she didn't know what exactly but she could feel it. After one month, her mother told her that she had a cancer. She just learned it before leaving for a trip with the school.

In my opinion she had to be very couragous for some reasons.
First, she had to stay strong in order to show to her mother that she believed everything was going to be solved; to give her the opportunity to stay mentally self-confident and to keep fighting.

Secondly, she also had to be brave because of the school. Indeed, she was in her last year of high school and therefore, had to study hard to pass it. She had to make sure her homeworks were done, her tests were studied, but she also "had" to visit her mother at the hospital.

Thirdly, she had to take over in the house; now that her mother couldn't take care of the children. In fact, she had to make dinner, to sort out the house, to look for her little brothers and sisters,...She was up to her neck in looking for them because they were younger than her. She had to give them a shower, to make sure they did their homeworks, to provide them from making or saying bad things, to set a good example. She couldn't even take time out for herself. As I just said, with all that work, she wasn't taking part in social events anymore like parties,... She terefore also had to face the fact that some of her friends were getting upset because she was always saying that there were no chances to have fun with them.

For all of this, I have tried to support her during that time and in the end, everything went well. At the moment, she can have a normal life again: going to school, not having to take care of the children, going out and having fun with her friends!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good and bad manners...

As far as I'm concerned, I feel that men whistling or shouting comments at girls they find attractive is revolting. I also think that people leaving the table when everybody is not finish is disrespectful. Finally, I don't consider phoning after ten o'clock in the evening acceptable!

If I had to choose 6 most important things to teach to my children I would take:

-Don't eat with the mouth open or while speaking at the same time.

-Say thank you if somebody hold the door for you, give you a present, wish you good things,...

-Don't put your spoon back in the jar if leaking it before.

-Use the polite form to speak to elderly people or foreigners.

-Don't speak at the same time as somebody else.

-Don't swear all the time.

As far as good manners between men and women are concerned, one the one hand, I would be greatful if a men would hold the door for me. But, on the other hand, I learned last year in a class of courteounsness that actually, the man had to enter the first. In fact, if you take the example of a couple going to a restaurant, it can have stairs. In this case, it is better for the girl to be the second one entering in case she fallin the stairs. (It is more common for a girl to fall while going down than going up; so, in any case, being the second is better.)

Concerning belgium, we don't really have social taboos. Or at last, not that I can think about... So, if you go to Belgium, feel free to give no, one, two, three, four,... kisses while greeting even if the most common remain one kiss!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

- Ben Harper -

A few months ago, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, thousands of people waxed euphoric about Ben Harper's concert. In fact, this singer took a while to get off the ground, but is now one of the favourite singer of belgians. On my birthday, I took part in a competition and it was out of the blue, but I won free seats for this concert. I decided to offer those free seats to my bestfriends. Before entering, I was so excited that my friends had to calm me down; I couldn't even breath.

Fortunatelly, the music and the atmosphere were full of happiness and peace; I therefore felt finally at ease and relax. While listenning to the songs, we were all chilling out and I was on top of the world.
However, All of a sudden, one girl faited. Everybody was looking at her wondering what had happened. We didn't pay that much attention to this girl because we were kind of enchanted by the melody of Ben Harper's song. But, at the end, we found out that the girl had lose consciousness because Ben Harper was more than a role-model boyfriend for her.

He's such a good artist that during his last song, some of us were sad and started to cry our eyes out. But, we immediatly stopped while realizing that one of us had banged into the tablature of our favourite song: "waiting for you"...
This end was out of this world...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Differences and similarities between Brussels and Vancouver + globalisation

In my opinion, Brussels as a lot of similarities with Vancouver. First of all, it is not uncommon for the habitants of both countries to become soaked wet. In fact, it is often raining cats and dogs…A further common point of Vancouver and Brussels would be that they both have 2 official languages. Even if in Brussels the spoken languages are French and Flamish while in Vancouver it is mostly English and a little bit of French.
However, there also are important differences. The most important of them would be not only the size of the city but also the design. In fact, when I arrived here I was surprised by the number of skyscrapers and big buildings that you can’t find in Belgium. Finally, another important difference is the easy access to the sea and the mountains in Vancouver that is impossible in my city.
As far as globalisation is concerned, I firmly believe that globalisation is affecting each city. In my opinion, Brussels is also included but I can’t rally recognize one huge change. But, as the years went by, I noticed that people are wearing more clothes with brands that come from America. For example in Belgium, Abercrombie has become one of the most important brands since 2008. In addition, it is important to point out that globalisation can be good but also means troubles. One important advantage is the worldwide communication networks that allow the people to be aware of the news in every country. On the contrary, globalisation also means immigration; and this last can leads to consequences such as violence and racism as a result of disagreement between different cultures.